About Us

Traditional screen printing is a versatile printing technique whereby ink is forced through a frame of polyester by a rubber squeegee. One color is printed at a time, as the ink is pushed through the non-blocked out areas of the stenciled screen. Screen printing lends itself to larger production printing runs. Also, a number of colors can be screen printed which cannot be achieved through Digital printing. Color’s such as all metallic and fluorescent inks as well as mirror can be screen printed, but not digitally printed.

Occasionally, we are asked to produce a very small run of glass (less than 10). In that case, if we have no artwork and have to produce art from scratch we will use digital printing which is printing from a computer image file directly to a variety of substrates. Digital printing is four color process based, meaning with the four colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black a number of other colors can be achieved as the process colors blend to varying degrees. The colors must match perfectly. If we cannot get the color right we will screen those colors even if we have a run of ten or less.